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Market Efficiency
April 1, 2014. 9:51 am

Market Efficiency We strive to build the most agile, innovative and revolutionary business systems around. In whatever facet of the business; managerial, financial or operational, our design and development initiatives drive core efficiencies, support daily operations and enhances customer interacti

Digital Efficiency
April 1, 2014. 9:51 am

Digital Efficiency On The Verge has the experience to facilitate companies to bridge the digital age. There's so much technology out there that has the ability to transform the way business is done and our pocket is to merge these technologies and orchestrate it in such a way to renovate customer to

Market Solutions

  • Activities & Tasks

    Activities and tasks such as ordering, re-processing, invoicing, delivering and procurement, most of which are non-value-adding activities within the business, drains invaluable hours from your employees. We ensure that our technologies are geared to improve these inefficiencies but never at the cost of customer interaction and satisfaction.

  • Reporting

    Standardised software packages cannot provide for every business's reporting need, neither can business owners contract a specialist for every customised report they want. Our approach is different: Valuable time spend in capturing data should realize relevant reports to decision making. Focusing on whats going in is sometimes more important!

  • Content Management

    Content management software is a hot topic these days with big data, blogs and social networking occupying most online conversations. Managing corporate content for either distribution, processing or selling is specific to each case and requires a customised solution. Our customers feel at ease when it comes to the security of their information, and, their customer's information.

Digital Solutions

  • PC, Mobile & Web Development

    Enterprise technologies are inevitable for any business. what is more important is whether these applications are compatible… All our applications are compatible on Windows, iOS and Android platforms. They aren't separate development projects for which you have to pay more, they are included during our development phase, and they inteact well.

  • Commerce

    The digital age has inspired so many new online initiatives for business to sell their product via the internet. Employing, deploying and managing such 'online payment' engines can be daunting. For us it is a natural evolution to equip our clients with these 'convenience technologies' in order to enhance their product offering.

  • Interaction

    We are fanatic about user-friendliness and how people react towards technology. Remember, when customers come in contact with you they experience your brand, the easier you make it for them to interact with you whilst you have their attention is what drive sales. This is why we love to combine technologies to enhance the customer's experience.