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Learn more about your operations by utilizing Data Visualization so everyone in your organization can explore, gain intelligence, and inform strategies to increase business performance.

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"Information is now accessed by all levels of staff who do not need intricate knowledge of our accounting system (Accpac), and enables us to regularly, easily, access realtime information which is used to manage the costs on our various jobs. Its a great system!"

Rob Lewis – Financial Director, LGG Imperial


Get more value from your data.

OTV Visualizer, a data visualization product, was built with large organizations in mind, with data that’s accurate, integrated, actionable, and fully supported by our expert account management and training teams.

Put data to work across your organization.

Your enterprise needs are complex, but that doesn’t mean your information solution should be. OTV Visualizer effortlessly scales throughout your entire organization, so your employees can dive into important metrics, such as job specific margins and stock movement. Our intuitive user design makes key metrics accessible and visual so they are useful for everyone.

Bring all of your data together.

OTV Visualizer is fully integrated with all major ERP products across the industry, including SAP, ACCPAC and Pastel. Our cross-platform integrations with Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Pervasive products give you a complete view of interactions across the enterprise. Enjoy a unified view of all of your data, including any other 3rd party sources, to organize and analyze it in ways that better reflect your business.

Take action on data-driven insights.

Data Visualization is only as good as the results it drives. OTV Visualizer is built to create actionable insights that boost your bottom line. You’re able to create highly targeted triggers which will action notification campaigns – this way you’ll be able to change the data before it becomes historic!

Know that your data is secure.

Thanks to our secure and reliable infrastructure, your team will have all the support needed to deploy and manage a powerful solution, including:

  • Accurate, unsampled data
  • Data you own and fully control
  • Maximum safety and security for your data
  • 24/7* Instant fresh data
  • Guaranteed reliable data access, 24/7*

* Data collection, data freshness, and reporting guaranteed by service agreements


Dedicated OTV support team & training.

You get powerful, custom, high-touch support with OTV Visualizer — it’s all covered in your service level agreement. Using any other OTV products? Our team provides full support on all of our products when you’re signed up for OTV Visualizer.

Onboarding made easy.

We’ll start with a thorough needs and implementation analysis for your business. Then, we’ll help you with installation and provide full access to support and training materials.

Dedicated account manager.

Your day-to-day business contact, this expert works as a natural extension of your operations team and is devoted to your success.

Live technical support 24/7.

Our help desk system escalates and tracks your concerns to a fast resolution — any day of the week, any hour of the day.

Ongoing training & exclusive access.

We’ll train your business analysts and technical staff on all key Premium-related topics. They’ll also get priority access to new education and training, plus exclusive access to beta feature tests.


Feautured Customer

LGG | Imperial

Managers rarely understand, or take time out to try and understand, what information is produced through standard reports, and reading between the figured lines is not as easy as it is for accountants. A simple one line report which incorporates enough detail to inform them on how far from the break-even point they are is in most cases more efficient.

The AA – South Africa

When it comes to service capacity projections and calculations, the determining factors spirals right down into the depths of the finest detail of every integrated process of the proposed service. As it is the AASA’s focus to remain the leader of the service it renders to its clients, they recently contracted a Professor at the WITS university, Prof. Anton van Wyk, along with Riaan Hefer, Director at On The Verge, to devise a suitable solution to more accurately forecasting its vehicle capacity requirements, and hereby improve the service to their clients.

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