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February 28, 2016



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When you sit down and look back on a hard day’s work during which you tried to master important issues related to Asset Management for instance, and you ask yourself the question, “Have I actually succeeded in the profitable management of my assets today?”, an honest answer could well be, “Not at all!” In most cases the reason for such an answer can be found in time consuming non-core activities which wasted away your day! While everything and everybody in your organization scream for your personal attention, an ideal solution for profitable Asset Management may silently be standing around the corner waiting for you to call upon its assistance!

Written by OTV Development

Published February 28, 2016


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Let us be honest and agree on one thing: non-core activities have a way of eroding valuable time which could otherwise be spent more profitably on other important business activities. To return to Asset Management for instance: it is essential to realize the real cost of the internal utilization of “sweating” assets like operating machinery, etc. can only be accurately determined if you know what the output of a particular asset is on a 24/7 basis. Furthermore, trying to keep track of the whereabouts, output and running costs of operating assets is a logistical and administrative challenge, which leaves little time for proactive and costly fleet management initiatives, especially in a fast growing environment.

“Throughout the process both the site manager and the logistics manager are in communication through automated email notifications.”

On the Verge (OTV) has teamed up with the Logistics Manager of Life Green Group (LGG), PJ Hay, to devise a solution to bring the nightmare of a heap of non-core activities and paper-work relating to managing and costing its fleet of operating assets assigned to internal divisions to an end – setting him free to enjoy his task of Asset Management. Our initiatives assisted him to spend his valuable time nowadays on utilizing LGG sweating assets more effectively and far more productively!

A concept development was initiated by OTV integrating real time data from LGG’s local fixed asset register with its local ERP system, while incorporating some imperative logistical inputs from PJ himself in the process.

The Solution

OTV’s solution brought together real time cost information derived from a fixed asset register and user defined hiring costs, as well as information from LGG’s current sites available through a local job costing ERP system. The collective information was made available to site managers online, enabling them to book an available operating asset for a specific site and period as needed – much the same as in renting a vehicle from Avis. The site then gets allocated with a booking confirmation which is confirmed by the logistics manager for delivery and transport. Throughout the process both the site manager and the logistics manager are in communication through automated email notifications of the booking, making PJ’s task in Asset Management like a dream come true!

Going Live

Phase 1 of the LGG Web Asset Management Application developed by OTV was launched in January 2014, paving the way for many other useful additions as more non-core activities are earmarked for full automation via the existing Application as well.

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