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April 8, 2016



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Keeping track of accounting procedures with a standard accounting package is pretty obvious, but losing sight of Business Intelligence made available through accounting procedures can have a detrimental effect on an organization’s financial wellbeing. The effective management of accounting practices applied in cases of integrated business divisions to stay in touch with profitability, is highly unlikely without accounting packages making available tailored reports to enable accountants and managers to stay abreast of the facts at hand through working with real-time data.

Written by OTV Development

Published April 8, 2016


Stay on top of the latest and greatest

Through a long standing relationship with Life Green Group (LGG), On the Verge (OTV) gained in-depth knowledge related to LGG’s management of its operational intricacies within a multi-divisional contracting and maintenance scenario. One of the major challenges in effectively managing the said divisions was to get every operation to talk the same language as the ‘Beanies’ (the Accountants of the organisation), while staying on top of the elements which drive profit – other than Income alone.

“OTV applied available Business Intelligence to develop an essential one line report which incorporates enough data to assist managers in determining how close they are to breakeven point.”

Managers on average rarely understand, or make an effort to try to understand, what information is produced through standard reports. Due to the aforesaid scenario it becomes common practice among managers not to properly analyse reports by reading between the lines as trained accountants do. In order to overcome this risky scenario, OTV applied available Business Intelligence to develop an essential one line report which incorporates enough data to assist managers in determining how close they are to breakeven point – which became the core factor within LGG’s divisions to determine whether a projected is steered into a profit or loss scenario.

OTV took the initiative to design and develop a Proof of Concept Solution (POCS) to bridge the above shortcoming, which was presented to the Management of LGG in July 2013. The POCS was approved by the Board of LGG and the ball was set in motion to finalise and implement the solution. This web based solution establishes a platform accessible by operation managers as well as accountants to scrutinize jobs, and incorporates easy understandable summary and detailed reports which are customized to business processes, while the same are updated in real-time and are accessible wherever, whenever. As data security is of the utmost importance, OTV worked in close collaboration with the IT Consultants of LGG to ensure the data is properly secured through an internal virtual private network.

The project was implemented and went live on the Web in September 2013. The solution developed and implemented by OTV through making use of available Business Intelligence was received with great excitement by operation managers and accountants alike and has since become an essential element behind better informed decision making and higher profitability among all the operations of LGG.

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