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February 28, 2016



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In July 2014 On The Verge (OTV) secured the Intellectual Property of South Africa’s biggest independent record label for online distribution to form the country’s first online music streaming service through developing a customized Web Application – allowing anyone to play any song, anytime!

Written by OTV Development

Published February 28, 2016


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“MT100 Artist & Artist Pro products ensure the payback of 100% royalties to collection societies as well as content owners . . .”

The customized Web Application of OTV’s online music streaming service MyTop100 Music became an instant hit itself among music lovers, which called for the necessity to enable Artists to submit their personal content directly on the network. Today MT100 Artist & Artist Pro products ensure the direct payback of 100% royalties to all major royalty collection societies as well as content owners without any third parties acting as gatekeepers to stifle the growth of the South African Music Industry.

The nature of the online streaming service is based on a “high volume/low margin” concept that is fully integrated with the customized Web Application. The online streaming service can also directly be associated with millions of online financial transactions taking place every minute around the globe, since it secures online payments in accordance with PCI regulations. It further offers a 24/7 support centre to assist with education and queries related to the service. All of the aforesaid needed to be developed to be financially transparent to collection societies around the world as well. It is obvious that the service called for multiple intricate mathematical formulas to be designed, tested and screened for integration with the Web Application before going live on the net. OTV is therefore tremendously proud of its achievement with MT100 Artist & Artist Pro products as it represents an embodiment of its own brainchild throughout!

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